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Disability Rant

Mon Nov 24, 2014, 2:30 PM
This has also been posted on my new account. :iconyourplaguedoctor:

Now, I don't wish to offend anyone on here, so if you don't like what I'm ranting about please just ignore it and MOVE on. Unless you have actual advice to give. Thank you. I try to keep myself quiet when it come's to rants about this particular subject.

Housing. Right, for those who don't live in England, I can't really explain this very well. But I'll try my best. You have people that buy mortgages for their houses right? Buy their house as there own. There is Rented, Private Rented, Temporary accommodation. LOADS of stuff here in England. Now my old house I used to live since I was about 2/3 was a Council House, but my dad and mum brought part of the house together. So a certain percentage of it was their own. They divorced, dad continued to pay for me and my adopted brother and paid bills to keep the roof over our head, whilst starting a new marriage in a new house that I visited one day in the week and the weekend. Now the house I moved to over a year ago, because my dad lost his job (Got made redundant). Is in a pretty big town, where as my childhood home was in the countryside surrounded by fields and all sorts. Moving to the town from the countryside is weird enough for a rural girl. All of you probably know of my illnesses, my many illnesses haha. Some I was born with, others I caught in later life. In the countryside there is MUCH cleaner air than in the towns. I knew I would have a bit of a problem, I mean I don't just have the usual athsma as a lot of people know. I have something similar to Cystic Fibrosis too (CF). So I was kind of expecting my illnesses to get a bit worse because I live RIGHT on a main road that goes through the town. That means a LOT of cars and transport. Not good for someone like me. But I got on with it, didn't complain. But lately it's been getting a LOT worse. And I mean over the last 6 months. Choking fits, blue lips, lack of oxygen on my reader ext…Some scary things. 

We've been having problems with a neighbour of ours too, to the point that I was scared to leave the house, I could see I was being watched. My mum got into loads of arguments, so did my brother. It made my depression a bit worse too. But I've tried my best to rub things off, sometimes some of the things that happened still gets to me. My family have never had neighbour problems before. So this is a new thing for us. Well as in a nearly 2 year long new things. My mum is actually looking to start moving, but because we Private Rent we have to get back on the council list. This we have done and we have to bid on houses every week. Well my mother does. But because of my worsening illnesses because of pollution and things, and the nature of my illnesses anyway, we have to move to a 'Mobility Home'. Now for those that don't know what that means it's a home that's disabled friendly. My old house in the country side got converted to disabled friendly for me. As sometimes I get really unwell and I'm dependant on a wheelchair. This town house I live in now is well…TINY. You can only just walk in parts of it haha. Let alone get a wheelchair through it. And according to the council I NEED a downstairs toilet too. Because of the lack of oxygen and well my breathlessness, I can't walk up the stairs when I'm unwell with infections. I struggle to go up them on good days Sweating a little... Embarrassing. But yes, anyway, we need to move to a mobility home, so when we win one we'll move. We don't know when that'll be. As we were like 50 out of 129 bidders on the last house we bid on, so not very close :( (Sad) But we'll get there Heart Hopefully. I don't mind staying where we are now, none of us LOVE it, but we don't mind it :) (Smile) It has it's perks I guess. 

But what gets me, and my mum too actually, is that Immigrants or buyers are put before the Disabled who REALLY need those mobility homes. They are SPECIALIST homes, for disabled people. And if Immigrants bid on them, they are in the highest categories and will beat someone who REALLY needs the house. It doesn't make sense to me. The only thing I understand is emergency accommodation. But if the disabled were put in the RIGHT houses for them, the immigrants could go to the normal houses which I guess would be better for them. Sorry if I seem off. But people like me and a LOT worse than me are missing out on houses they need just because they are in a lower category because of the Government…Hmmm…Doesn't seem right to me…There are people that really need down stairs loo's, wet rooms, wheelchair accessible homes. 

I'm not saying I'm important or tooting my own horn. There are disabled people that need a house more than I do, and rightly so. But…the council agrees that something needs to be done, we need to be rehoused basically because of how much my illnesses have got worse since we moved to the busy town. But we are only category C. we were category D when we moved to the town house. So we've gone up a rank because of my worsening illnesses. But I believe Ranks B and A have something to do with emergency accommodation (Rightly so) And immigrants. But I also understand why they need to be housed (The immigrants) but PLEASE give them the RIGHT homes! And give the disabled the right adapted homes for them! 

Rant over.

coded and made by ithermi. image by Fayven


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